ItCG- Off duty rescue, storm flags, unit returns from Cuba

In the Coast Guard- June 2, 2009

As you can see the In the Coast Guard title has been shortened to ItCG (you know how we like acronyms in the Coast Guard!), there is also a bit more in the title to let you know what is in store in each post.

  • As hurricane season begins Coast Guard units all over the country are breaking out their storm flags. The Coast Guard had been participating in the National Weather Service‚Äôs official Coastal Warning Display program for over 100 years when it was discontinued 20 years ago, but the flags were revived recently with a modern twist.

    What is different about the revived storm flag system? As you can see in the article some units are using a webcam to stream the flags to the world wide web. So now just about everyone can keep an eye on the storm flags and stay just that little bit more prepared for pending storms.

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    Not that storm flags mean that you shouldn’t also be keeping an eye on the news and other weather resources as well, just think of it as an amplifying source of information.

  • Guardians are never really off duty, as a group of them showed when they helped rescue a man who had fallen off a cliff yesterday at Golden Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes. The three Guardians happened to be diving in the area and saw the man fall. They called for help but when paramedics they were unable reach the man so the Coast Guard sent an HH-65 to rescue the victim.

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  • Coast Guard Port Security Unit 305 returned home Sunday from a six-month deployment to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They were greeted with hugs, tears and a lot of joy from families who had missed them.

    While deployed the unit performed anti-terrorism and force protection missions, including patrolling the waterways around U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. They also provided internal security during commissions, the legal hearings for detainees, at the Expeditionary Legal Complex at the station.

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