ItCG- Coast Guard SAROPS, man accused of smuggling, and wear your lifejacket

  • The Coast Guard is continuing to aide in the search for the downed Air France flight. An article on the talks about SAROPS, the newest search tool from the Coast Guard and how it is helping.

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  • Last month the Coast Guard searched for survivors after a boat that was believed to be loaded with 28 migrants capsized. The Coast Guard and partner agencies had searched a combined area of more than 8,800 square miles for about 31 hours by sea and air looking for survivors from the capsized vessel. Even though 16 survivors were rescued by the Coast Guard,  9 people were found dead including a 1-year-old girl. (Story from May here. )

    A man has been accused of captaining the boat as a part of an illegal smuggling operation that resulted in death.

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    Nelson is actually the second man to be accused. The first man accused, Jimmy Metellus, learned last month that he could face the death penalty. (Story here.)

  • If you have been following the Compass much, I am sure you have noticed I tend to harp on the idea of wearing your life jacket a lot. I talk about life jackets and boating safety a lot for a reason. People die out on the water, people die when they are boating, but many of them could be saved if people took proper precautions before they take their boats out. Life jackets will increase your chances for survival in the water. There is a post in the blog Three Sheets Northwest talking about life jackets and that even though fatalities continue, life jacket use is still low.

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    The Coast Guard asks you to wear your life jacket, it will help save your life.

    The Coast Guard asks you to wear your life jacket, it will help save your life.

    I just can’t understand why people don’t wear their life jackets, it’s like not wearing your helmet on a motorcycle or your seat belt in the car. By the time you need your life jacket it is already too late.

    As the linked blog entry says, falling into cold water will trigger a gasp reflex when you go under which means you will gasp and inhale water. Even if you are in a region where the water is warm, think about the weight of what you are wearing and how much it will weigh when it is wet. Then there is the fact that you might hit your head or simply become disoriented when you end up in the water. That is not when you will have time to reach for your life jacket.

    There seem to be a lot of excuses for people not wearing their life jackets and that is just what they are, excuses. It isn’t like you can say life jackets are too big and bulky, they now have a number of them that are slim and inflate when you hit the water. I once had someone tell me was that they didn’t want to wear the life jacket because it would mess up their tan lines. Seriously? Tan lines are more important than your life? It is not often I am rendered speechless, but that was one of those moments!

    They are not called giggle jackets and you aren’t wearing the things for a few laughs, they are called life jackets because they are meant to save your life.

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