itCG – Coast Guard chefs compete, Good Sams recognized, tanker grounding investigation

  • Coast Guard chefs (yes, I mean chefs… not chiefs) compete and win in an armed forces iron chef challenge. Bravo Zulu!
    Story here
  • Capt. Cody Catapono and Capt. Dave Paris received a Good Samaritan Award for coming to the rescue of six people whose vessel capsized in Jamaica Bay in May. Good Sams are a huge asset to the Coast Guard and many rescues are successful because of their heroic actions. Story here
  • Every wonder what happens AFTER the Coast Guard helps someone…
    here is some follow-up on a recent case of a grounded tanker
  • More on the Coast Guard’s role in combating piracy and border security that parallel recent posts here at the Compass.
    Story here


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