In the Coast Guard- June 1, 2009

  • A 41-foot boat with 27 people onboard that was taking on water about three miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge was assisted by the Coast Guard yesterday. When the Coast Guard got onscene the vessel had some standing water but did not appear to be taking on any more, so they were escorted back to safety.

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  • There is a post on the site, “Everything Marshal Islands”, that talks about the visit of the CGC Sequoia to Kwajalein. The entire article is pretty interesting and the part about the CGC Sequoia is at the bottom of the page. It talks about the ship and its crew performing humanitarian and aids to navigation work.

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    At the top of the page there is actually a link to the Kwajalein Hourglass, a local publication, that has a whole feature article talking about the mission that the Sequoia and her crew while in that region as well as some great pictures. Please remember the U.S. Coast Guard does not endorse or certify the security of any hyperlinks or downloads from any external sites. Always be careful what you download from the internet.

  • Also in the international arena, the USCGC Boutwell is the first U.S. military vessel to visit Libya in 40 years as they support AFRICOM in an international engagement. During their visit the crew will conduct various training and leadership exchanges with Libyan maritime enforcement personnel and also participate in cultural exchanges.

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    This kind of engagement continues what I have been saying about how important building relationships and training together can be for responses and work in the future. It is not just on the national level that these engagements are important, but to create safety and security abroad as well.

  • With boating season well underway, there is a lot going on around Lake Texoma. One current issue is the licensing of fishing guides.

    Following the investigation of a boating death on Lake Texoma earlier this year, it was discovered that some commercial vessels were not inspected as required by U.S. law. The Coast Guard developed a regulatory compliance implementation plan for Lake Texoma’s commercial passenger vessels and operators.

    The state wildlife commissioners are scheduled to meet today to set a fee and establish requirements for Oklahoma’s new license. Greg Duffy, director of the state Wildlife Department says that the state guide license will be less costly and easier to comply with than a U.S. Coast Guard’s license.

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  • And finally for today an inspiring story that was posted in the Washington Post. Tom Brooks was a beloved chief warrant officer in the Coast Guard who died 2004 of Lou Gehrig’s disease. The story in the Post is about a 200-mile relay called Tom’s Run.

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    5 years after his death, Tom’s Run is still going strong, 500 people strong. While most of the people participating didn’t even know Brooks they know he urged colleagues at Coast Guard headquarters to stay active, and that he wasn’t an athlete, just another Washington office worker with an outgoing personality who wanted very much to be healthy.

    So here is to you CWO Tom Brooks. Your inspiration for camaraderie, teamwork, and a love of life lives on!

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