Welcome Aboard

Welcome to The Coast Guard Compass, official service blog of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Anyone who has been following the Coast Guard’s efforts in the blogosphere knows that this blog is not the first for the Coast Guard by far. The Commandant has been running a blog for some time as has the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard. There are also various district and unit blogs. (A list of these can be found on the blogroll that is linked at the top of the page.)

So what makes this blog different? Well, while all of our blogs are telling some part of the Coast Guard story, think of it like different pieces of a machine that works together to show you a very diverse and busy service. The Commandant’s blog will remain very active talking about leadership and policy issues, the Master Chief’s blog will continue to take on deckplate level issues, and the districts and units will continue to share the stories of their specific areas. The CG Compass is unique because it is the central blog that will cover the entire service, the men and women that make up the Coast Guard, the missions they do and the challenges they face.

Check out this video of a conversation I had with the public recently.

It is important that the public knows us, knows what we are doing, knows why we are doing it. We are not the Coast Guard, we are your Coast Guard.

Let’s be frank, the Coast Guard does some pretty amazing stuff and we have a little something for everyone.  Are you interested in efforts being made to protect the environment, the whales and the sea turtles? We do that. You like ships and boats both old and new? We have at least few of those for you. You are interested in what is going on with piracy? We deal with that! You like to swim? No one swims quite like a Coast Guardsman swims! Really this list could go on for a very long time, but I am pretty sure you get the point.

The Coast Guard doesn’t stop at saving lives, or even at maritime security, we are a truly multimission service to our core and that is what this blog is intended to show. We are not perfect, and the challenges we face will be addressed here as well, in the hopes that we can engage you in open conversation.

Please make sure you look at the About link as you will find the comment policy. There is also a blogroll where you can find the other Coast Guard blogs, as well as a list of blogs that talk about the Coast Guard or other maritime issues.

Welcome aboard The Coast Guard Compass.