In the Coast Guard- May 31, 2009

  • The Commandant met with General Dave Petraeus, US Central Command, and Admiral Eric Olsen, US Special Operations Command, this week and posted a bit about it in his blog.Story here
  • In yesterday’s post there was a bit about the 6 people rescued from their capsized vessel by a 47-motor lifeboat crew from Station Cape Disappointment, Wash. District 13’s blog has a video of that rescue up.Video here
  • The Coast Guard rescued three adults from a sinking boat approximately 2 miles from the third island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel yesterday.Story here

    An important part of this story to note (besides that the people were saved) is found in this line of the article: All three crewmembers had life vests. Wear your life jacket…it is called a life jacket for a reason.

  • The Coast Guard issued a statement Friday saying migrant smugglers may have been armed in an interdicted smuggling operation but that the maritime agency found no evidence of weapons.Story here

    The initial story about the potential weapons is from about two days ago, the AP version can be found here .

    As the primary maritime law enforcement agency, the Coast Guard is tasked with enforcing immigration law at sea. Interdicting migrants while they are still at sea means they can be swiftly returned to their countries without the costly processes required if they successfully enter the United States. Also transiting by sea the way that alien migrants do is incredibly dangerous, and the Coast Guard hopes to save lives before they are lost. More information about the Coast Guard’s role in alien migrant interdiction can be found on this page.

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