In the Coast Guard- May 26, 2009

  • The Coast Guard was searching the waters of Blue Hill Bay on Monday after receiving a report that there was a man in the water near Flye Island. Robert Anderson, 46, was reported missing early Monday afternoon after search crews found his 34-foot lobster boat anchored with its motor running in Blue Hill Bay near Flye Island just south of Mount Desert Island.

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U.S. Coast Guards new 45-foot response boat-medium USCG photo/ Petty Officer Patrick D. Kelley

U.S. Coast Guard's new 45-foot response boat-medium USCG photo/ Petty Officer Patrick D. Kelley

  • Training for an emergency is an important part of the Coast Guard’s job because in order to be “Always Ready” you have to work hard to try to be prepared for anything.

    The Coast Guard, Navy and local and state authorities in Corpus Christi, Texas, are testing their tactics, procedures, equipment and response capabilities to an underwater explosive threat in a U.S. port or harbor.

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    Getting agencies to work together before a major incident is monumentally important. It is all well and good that as a stand alone you can work well with your own people, tools and procedures, but none of us work in a vacuum. When a real incident happens it is never just one agency that responds. All the agencies that are responding need to know not just how to do their job but how their job fits into the bigger machine. You can have a lot of different agencies in one place for a response and when working with each other it can feel like we speak slightly different languages. So training together gives us a chance to learn how to speak the language of our partners.

    A response goes a lot more smoothly when all the players know how to talk to each other and that takes practice, so it is great to see agencies working together before something happens to make sure that when that day comes…we are all Semper Paratus.

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