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  • In honor of Memorial Day the first story in today’s In the Coast Guard is about a man named Michael Licata. He was a Coast Guard veteran of WWII. There is a great video interview with him if you follow the link. I am always moved listening to the veteran Coast Guardsmen, and there will be a post coming up tomorrow talking about them.Story here
  • Hurricane Season is coming. With the start of the summer near at hand, it is time to get ready for hurricanes. Not just on the Gulf Coast, but also in Hawaii.Story here

    Sometimes I wonder as we get further away from the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, even with Hurricanes like Gustav, if people will slowly start taking hurricanes less seriously. One word for that: don’t.

    During the response to Hurricane Katrina, the Coast Guard rescued over 33,000 people. Hurricane Gustav ravaged Galveston Island, and people died there too. Hurricanes are serious business and that is putting it mildly. So be ready if you live in a hurricane prone area, make sure you always have your gas tank full, make sure you have the proper provisions not just to handle power outages, but if you can’t get water or if you suddenly have to make a two day long drive to get to safety!

    You can get some helpful information about storms from the Coast Guard here:

  • Medevacs: A 50-year-old woman was medevaced by the Coast Guard from a cruise ship by Air Station New Orleans approximately 30 miles south of the Southwest Pass.Story here

    In Seattle a 45-year-old man was medevaced from a charter vessel 17-miles from Quillayute River, Wash. by Air Station Port Angeles, with assistance from Coast Guard Station Quillayute River

    Story here

    And in North Carolina, approximately 36 miles southeast of New River Inlet near Jacksonville, Air Station Elizabeth City medevaced a man from a vessel who was suffering from diabetic shock.

    Story here

    Everyday all over the Coast Guard people are being saved, on average 17 lives per day are saved and not just by air, the boat crews are out there saving lives every day too.

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