The Long Blue Line: The heroic actions of James “Hutch” Scott (Part 2)

Today we continue the story of James Scott’s heroic actions during the Spanish-American War.

The Long Blue Line: The heroic actions of James “Hutch” Scott (Part 1)

With so many superhero movies to choose from it may be difficult to remember real-life heroes aren’t bullet-proof, can’t travel at the speed of light and don’t wear capes. There are hundreds of untold stories of these real-life heroes who often put their own lives in jeopardy to save the lives of complete strangers. James Hutchinson Scott was one of these heroes who lived to serve others.

The Long Blue Line: Cutter Miami, Abraham Lincoln and the destruction of CSS Virginia

In the midst of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln directed troops and assets, including U.S. Revenue Cutter Miami to the outskirts of Norfolk, Virginia, where the CSS Virginia was destroyed and the mayor and city council surrendered the city breaking the stalemate between Union and Confederate forces in southeastern Virginia. Lincoln’s time as a cutterman makes him an honorary member of The Long Blue Line.

In early 1879, Soong signed on to the revenue cutter Albert Gallatin in Boston and served on board for over a year. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

The Long Blue Line: Chiaio-shung Soong – Cutterman and powerful Chinese patriarch

Chiaio-shung Soong (a.k.a. Charles Jones Soong) is the most famous individual of Chinese ancestry to serve in the United States Coast Guard. However, his fame is little known in the U.S. compared to his celebrity in the Far East. Soong led an extraordinary life and, as a young teen, he began a journey that would lead him from his home in China around the globe to the United States, where he became a Coast Guardsman. In the span of just a few years, he would return to his homeland to become one of the most influential men in late 19th-century China.

The Long Blue Line

The Long Blue Line: Hemingway’s historic rescues in the Pacific Northwest

Henry George Hemingway served one of the most interesting and distinguished careers of any officer of his era. Hemingway witnessed some of the service’s earliest organizational changes, including the 1915 consolidation of his own U.S. Revenue Cutter Service with the U.S. Life Saving Service to form the modern United States Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Heroes: Capt. Michael Healy

Capt. Mike Healy served as one of the sole government representatives in the remote waters of Alaska, introducing missions that the Coast Guard would adopt for future generations.

Painting of Capt. John Ashcroft Henriques and a photo of the sailing cutter Salmon Chase. U.S. Coast Guard images.

The Long Blue Line: Capt. John A. Henriques

Capt. John Henriques is best known for behing the first superintendent of the Revenue Cutter Service School of Instruction and forerunner of the modern Coast Guard Academy. Read more to learn more about this cutterman and his importance to the Service and its officer corps.

Honoring History: Revenue Cutter Pickering

The story of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Pickering is one of the many lost chapters in Coast Guard history. This is not a story about a cutter, but about her brave commander and crew.

225 Years of Service to Nation

225 years of Service to Nation: Defense Readiness

For 225 years, the Coast Guard has served as the nation’s lead Federal maritime law enforcement agency, protecting our shores each and every day. The Coast Guard also serves as one of the nation’s five armed forces, assisting in the defense of our nation during times of war.

225 Years of Service to Nation

225 years of Service to Nation: Migrant interdiction

The Coast Guard began its mission of migrant interdiction on the high-seas in 1794, when the Congress of the United States declared that no American citizen may carry slaves from the U.S. to another nation or between foreign nations. The Coast Guard, through its predecessor the Revenue Cutter Service, was charged with enforcing this law.

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