Recipe for Success: FS1 Sammy Paone

Recipe for Success: FS1 Sammy Paone

If there’s one misconception that exists about the Coast Guard’s food service specialists, it’s probably that their only responsibilities are in the galley, cooking. For Petty Officer 1st Class Sammy Paone, the special command aide at Coast Guard 17th District in Juneau, Alaska, firing up the range to make homemade meals is only a fragment of his overall job.

Recipe for Success: FS1 Mason Champlin

Recipe for Success: FS1 Mason Champlin

When you ask someone what he or she enjoys most about being in the Coast Guard, the answer isn’t usually creativity. But for Petty Officer 1st Class Mason Champlin, it’s the creative freedom that makes coming to work each and every day enjoyable.

FS2 Ali Ganjour

Recipe for Success: FS2 Ali Ganjour

Varied experiences and diverse backgrounds are what each and every Coast Guard member brings to the service. These two things combine to form talented, motivated and skilled crews that perform each of the Coast Guard’s 11 missions. Petty Officer 2nd Class Ali Ganjour brings both to the table.

Austin Reed

Recipe for success: SNFS Austin Reed

One of the newest crewmembers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Munro, a 378-foot high endurance cutter homeported in Kodiak, Alaska, is food specialist Austin Reed. A recent graduate of the Coast Guard’s food service specialist “A” school, Reed is just finding out what it’s like to be part of a team aboard a Coast Guard cutter.

Petty Officer Yuliya Zelenskaya, a food specialist aboard Coast Guard Cutter Charles Sexton. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Recipe for success: FS2 Yuliya Zelenskaya

Born in Kazakhstan, growing up in America and now serving in the galley aboard Coast Guard Cutter Charles Sexton, Zelenskaya has left a lasting impression on her shipmates through her love of country, her passion for using food to knit the crew together and her “cheesy bread” recipe which is a personal favorite of Sexton’s commanding officer, Lt. Kevin Connell.

Recipe for success: FS3 Kristle Lopez

Recipe for success: FS3 Kristle Lopez

At some point in everyone’s life, they think to themselves ‘If I can find a job I truly love, I will never have to work a day in my life.’ For Petty Officer 3rd Class Kristle Lopez, this is a thought that shaped her entire future. “Being in the military and serving my country is in my blood,” Lopez said.

Recipe for success: FS3 Amy Edwards

Recipe for success: FS3 Amy Edwards

Most Coast Guard men and women who choose the food service specialist rating do so because they love to cook. For Petty Officer 3rd Class Amy Edwards, it was more than just a love of cooking that impacted the route she took. After completing basic training, Edwards was stationed at Coast Guard Station Destin, Fla. As she learned about the different rates the Coast Guard offered, it was the creativity and rewarding work of the unit’s food service specialists that impressed her most.

FS2 Mitchell

Recipe for success: FS2 James Mitchell

Petty Officer 2nd Class James Mitchell first chose to be a food service specialist while at a recruiter’s office. At the time, he had an application in to attend a culinary school in Chicago, but was drawn to the opportunity of serving his country, traveling the world and learning the culinary trade.

FS1 Clark

Recipe for success: FS1 Bethany Clark

Many Coast Guardsmen join knowing they want to serve their country but aren’t quite sure how. Not Petty Officer 1st Class Bethany Clark. Clark joined the Coast Guard in 2009 knowing exactly what she wanted to do; she wanted to be a chef. A 2006 graduate of Johnson & Whales University in Providence, R.I., Clark studied culinary nutrition and wanted to take her talents to sea.