Guardians Report In: CDR Diane Durham

The following account comes from the Commanding Officer of the CGC Forward, Commander Diane Durham. The CGC Forward was the first U.S. military ship to arrive after the Haiti earthquake. These are CDR Durham’s accounts of the cutter’s operations since […]

Updated – Guardians Report In: FN Rebekah Runner

The following images were captured by Fireman Rebekah Runner who also serves as the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk. The Mohawk was among the initial wave of Coast Guard and United States government assets that […]

Guardians Report In: HS1 Larry Berman

The following account comes from Health Services Technician First Class (HS1) Larry Berman. HS1 Berman serves as “ship’s doc” aboard the CGC Tahoma and was one of the first medical responders to the Haiti earthquake. The words that follow are […]

Field Notes: LCDR Christopher O’Neil

The following account comes from Lieutenant Commander Christopher O’Neil, chief of media relations at Coast Guard headquarters and currently assigned as Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for Homeland Security Task Force Southeast (HSTFSE). This entry reflects his first couple of days […]

Video: Guardians respond to Haiti earthquake

Last night, NBC Nightly News reported on the role Guardians are playing as the U.S. government responds to the earthquake in Haiti. Click here to watch Anne Curry’s report from Haiti.

Haiti relief press briefing: Admiral Paul F. Zukunft

Earlier today, Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Director of Response Policy for the United States Coast Guard, briefed journalists at the State Department’s Foreign Press Center in Washington, D.C., on Coast Guard operations in Haiti over the past three days. Click […]

Guardians Report In from Haiti

As America continues to mobilize in response to the earthquake that devastated Port-Au-Prince on Tuesday, Guardians have been reporting in from Haiti by air, by sea and by land. Their accounts reveal both the scale of the disaster and the […]

UPDATE: Coast Guard response to Haiti earthquake

As the Coast Guard continues operations in support of U.S. government disaster response and humanitarian assistance efforts to Haiti, there are four Coast Guard Cutters (Forward, Mohawk, Tahoma and Valiant) on-scene with two more cutters (Oak and Hamilton) en route. […]

Coast Guard continues Haiti response

Guardians continued their support of U.S. government disaster response and humanitarian assistance efforts Thursday in the wake of the the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this week. By the end of the evening, Coast Guard aircraft will have evacuated […]

Video: Admiral Allen on Haiti earthquake and relief

This morning, Admiral Thad Allen, Commandant of the Coast Guard, remarked on the earthquake that struck Haiti last night as well as the Coast Guard and United States government humanitarian response to the disaster. The Commandant’s remarks came during a […]

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