Rescuing rescuers

Rescuing the rescuers

There are several qualities that make the Northern Oregon coast majestic– the constant surf, for example. It sounds like roaring thunder as it breaks against jagged cliff sides and enters natural caves, then draws back out, rhythmically repeating the process in a symphony that has carved the coastline across eons. From a distance, the white wash seems perfectly synchronized and almost placid, but the same breathtaking waves that beckon tourists from around the world are some of the most unpredictable and treacherous as well.

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: Doug Stockholm, Gary and Kevin McDonald

The men knew they had saved two lives that day, what they were unaware of is that due to their actions, they would join the ranks of a very small group of recipients for a very prestigious award.

Video of the Year 2015

What was the top Coast Guard video of 2015?

We’ve tallied up your votes for the Coast Guard’s 2015 Video of the Year and have the results for the top three videos. From an unexpected sea life rescue to a man reunited with his Coast Guard rescuers, your favorite videos showcased the commitment Coast Guard men and women display on each and every mission, each and every day. And now for the winners…

2015 Videos of the Year

2015 Videos of the Year: Burning boat survivor meets rescuers

When a man’s sailboat caught fire 69 miles from Hudson, Florida, a Coast Guard helicopter crew from Air Station Clearwater, Florida, rescued him and his dog, Evi. The man discusses his actions and his gratefulness to the crew for having his back in the final video of this year’s top 10 competition.

2015 Video of the Year: Air Station Sitka rescue

2015 Videos of the Year: Air Station Sitka rescue

We’re kicking off the top 10 competition with a Coast Guard Air Station Sitka rescue at sea of the fishing vessel Kupreanof crew from the Gulf of Alaska. Is this the top video fo the year? Cast your vote!

Video of the Year 2015

It’s back…2015 Video of the Year!

Drug busts. Environmental responses. Security patrols. Lives saved. These daily operations, like many performed by the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard, largely go unseen by members of the public … until now.

The Brazos Station in 1919. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

The Long Blue Line: Brazos Station’s hispanic lifesavers and the Florida Keys hurricane

Hispanic American personnel have served in search and rescue operations since the nineteenth century. For example, in 1899, James Lopez of the Provincetown, Massachusetts, Life-Saving Station became the first Hispanic-American service member to receive the Silver Lifesaving Medal. But the greatest number of Hispanic-American personnel served not in stations along the East Coast, but in Florida and along the Gulf Coast.

Ida_Lewis feature

Coast Guard Heroes: Keeper Ida Lewis

If you were to ask any member of the Coast Guard who the most famous lighthouse keeper was, you’d most likely get the name Ida Lewis. Lewis was a famed lighthouse keeper and is credited with saving 18 lives earning this Coast Guard hero the Gold Lifesaving Medal.

Pendleton Rescue

Coast Guard Heroes: BM1 Bernard Webber

It was mid-February 1952 when two World War II-era tankers, SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendleton, split in half off the coast of Cape Cod during the height of a strong winter storm. The men on the tankers had little hope that help would come, but it did. While the help came from various motor lifeboat stations, cutters and air assets, one name shines through during this heroic rescue effort: Bernard Webber.

Coast Guard Cutter Heriberto Hernandez

Welcome back to the fleet, Heriberto Hernandez!

Forty-seven years ago, Hernandez worked to protect his fellow crewmembers during the height of the Vietnam War. Today and for decades to come, his namesake will do the same: protect the citizens of the United States.

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