Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: Blackthorn

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: QM2 Gary Crumly and QM3 Richard Gauld

“The charge to all of us that these men left behind is summed up in four simple words: Honor, Remember, Service, Sacrifice.”

The Long Blue Line: Lt. John Pritchard and his World War II rescues

The Long Blue Line: Lt. John Pritchard and his World War II rescues

There are so many Coast Guard men and women whose devotion to duty has put them in harm’s way that it would take a lifetime to write-up each and every story. Like many of these selfless Coast Guardsmen, Lt. John A. Pritchard went in harm’s way to save the lives of others only to sacrifice his own.

The Long Blue Line

The Long Blue Line: Hemingway’s historic rescues in the Pacific Northwest

Henry George Hemingway served one of the most interesting and distinguished careers of any officer of his era. Hemingway witnessed some of the service’s earliest organizational changes, including the 1915 consolidation of his own U.S. Revenue Cutter Service with the U.S. Life Saving Service to form the modern United States Coast Guard.


Veterans Day: Self-proclaimed “Coast Guard brat” reflects on servicemembers of yesterday and today

I know my children grew up safe because of the sacrifices made by servicemembers. We lead these bright shiny lives of freedom, and sometimes we need to take a moment and thank those who make it possible.

The Long Blue Line: Eddie Hernandez and small boat operations in Vietnam

The Long Blue Line: Eddie Hernandez and small boat operations in Vietnam

Fast Response Cutter namesake Heriberto Segovia Hernandez volunteered for duty in Vietnam in 1968. Known as “Eddie” by his friends and shipmates, Hernandez was assigned to the 82-foot Coast Guard patrol boat Point Cypress, which served along the Cau Mau Peninsula on the southern-most tip of South Vietnam.

Crotty feature

The Long Blue Line: Jimmy Crotty and the Battle for Corregidor

Lt. Jimmy Crotty was a hero who’s actions during the Battle for Corregidor singlehandedly earned the Coast Guard the Defense of the Philippines battle streamer. He was posthumously honored with the Bronze Star and Purple Heart nearly 67 years after his death as a prisoner of war at Cabanatuan Prison Camp in 1943.

Ray feature

Coast Guard Heroes: Cmdr. Ray Evans

Ray Evans was a writer, a self-proclaimed wordsmith, high school basketball and football player with a glass jaw and no affinity for boxing. He was also a Coast Guard hero and a great friend to the late Douglas Munro.

Jarvis feature

The Long Blue Line: Lt. David Jarvis

A true link in The Long Blue Line, Revenue Cutter Service officer David Jarvis led one of the most unusual rescue efforts in Alaska, diverting from the usual Coast Guard elements of coastal waters and open ocean. His memory lives on in the history and heritage of the Coast Guard and the State of Alaska.

healy feature

Coast Guard Heroes: Capt. Michael Healy

Capt. Mike Healy served as one of the sole government representatives in the remote waters of Alaska, introducing missions that the Coast Guard would adopt for future generations.

Ida_Lewis feature

Coast Guard Heroes: Keeper Ida Lewis

If you were to ask any member of the Coast Guard who the most famous lighthouse keeper was, you’d most likely get the name Ida Lewis. Lewis was a famed lighthouse keeper and is credited with saving 18 lives earning this Coast Guard hero the Gold Lifesaving Medal.

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