Pentagon releases report on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell

Earlier today, Pentagon officials released the findings of a review of the policy commonly known as “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” (DADT).  The report, produced by the Department of Defense Comprehensive Review Working Group, examines the implications of a possible repeal of DoD’s policy concerning homosexuality in the armed forces.

According to the report, based on all we saw and heard, our assessment is that, when coupled with the prompt implementation of the recommendations we offer, the risk of repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to overall military effectiveness is low.

“In the days and weeks ahead, I encourage you to read the report and support plan, which are available at and keep abreast of the latest developments,” said Vice Admiral Sally Brice O’Hara, Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard in a message to members of the Coast Guard. “We will work to keep you informed as significant decisions occur.”

It is important to note that the release of this report does not constitute a change in policy. DADT is still the law of the land. In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama called on Congress to repeal DADT.

As noted in our last post on DADT, we will NOT publish comments that violate our comment policy, but appreciate that there are two sides to every issue and look forward to sharing what you have to say with our leadership.




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  1. john akre says:

    I wonder why this is such an issue?
    if this country’s is based a pone all of it’s people to be free.
    freedom to choose
    freedom of speech

    since there are different state’s making it legal to have same sex marriage’s

    at what point would you think if your an american who is proud
    to be an american then what make’s there be a dispute about the issue.
    men who are proud to be in the military fighting for this country
    is there any more to say……..

    the time for change….
    and something about the back of the line…
    freedom don’t come free……

    god bless america
    bring back the pledge of allegiance

    Please read this::::

    The Pledge of Allegiance of the united States Is the Oath Of Loyalty to the nation
    I believe , that this country should be building a more patriot’s AMERICA For tomorrow …If this country is to be stronger
    .It’s something that president Obama, should have pushed , especially since he made history, being our first black president.
    Teaching our children ,That if they keep there grade’s up and do well for themselves, they can achieve anything they wish, even President.
    Saying the Pledge of Allegiance builds better patriot’s
    If children are our future (and there are) why is it not the most important issue today.

    All in today’s news but, building a better America.As I remember the pledge and what it still means to me.seeing classmate standing with pride,
    and looking up at the flag. hearing the Fraze , you missed the pledge, WHAT HAPPENED you weren’t here to support us? this may bring back memories to some ,
    If the Pledge Of Allegiances Was Placed In the school system.
    Wouldn’t this help teacher’s see problem children who may be experiencing Unhealthy home’s
    Also raising better patriot leader’s for tomorrow.

    If the united states of America is one nation built on immigrant’s shouldn’t we be teaching our future how, great this nation is..(freedom)
    ether we put under god, or not. Is also the reason why we should bring it back

    Wouldn’t we Be Better American’s Building A Better America For tomorrow

    (( Can we push this forward for the future of tomorrow…))

    thank you ,
    from…………….john. r . Akre………

    Below is the history of THE Pledge of Allegiance,

  2. former shipmate says:

    The push of those few that support maintaining DADT seems more an issue of control than one of maintaining good order. There isn’t any check in place to ensure someone who “kept it to themselves” won’t be privately investigated and railroaded out of the service. In this case, regardless of whether the member told… The control is with those that have a prejudice against the orientation.

    This is why DADT is disappearing. This is why DADT should disappear. You can have good order and discipline without holding a group of people in fear. You can maintain a healthy fighting force without giving in to small minded prejudices.

    We don’t have a DADT policy for religious views. Think about how it might feel to be persecuted, or have your career put at risk by an overzealous coworker bent on revealing your secret. I’m relatively certain it wouldn’t be pleasant. It would be wrong wrong and petty.

    If we all put ourselves in the shoes of others, we might all be better off. Let’s allow our shipmates to serve with pride and without fear. Good luck shipmates. Keep doing what you do best every day.

  3. Ray Lafferty says:

    All males, whether they want to or not, should be required to serve in the Armed Forces reserve, national guard or regular forces. That includes gays as well as straights. During my military service, I encountered gay GIs who performed their duties to the same levels of professionalism as their straight comrads-in-arms. I did not find being gay to be a disqualifier for military service. Truly the physically unfit, the mentally impaired, and the morally depraved
    (such as criminals) do not belong in the Armed Forces. However, with our government and culture being most worthy of the sacrifices of all Americans, let us not discriminate against those of different sexual preferences than others prescribe to as being the norm. Defense of America is both a responsibility and a privelege for all Americans.

  4. Jim Koshar, LT, USCG(Ret.) says:

    What this report shows is that the young men and young women who serve in the U. S. Armed Forces are way ahead of the ‘power curve’ on this topic. They are not ‘hung up’ or ‘upset’ by this subject as many of our political leaders. Frankly, our service members should not have been solicited for their opinions in the first place. When it is time to do the right thing, and overdue at that, there is no need to conduct a ‘vote’ or ‘study.’ This is not a topic of ‘gays being able to serve in the Armed Forces’ but rather, ‘citizens of the United States who are qualified and in good standing, being able to serve in the Armed Forces.’ God Bless all of our service members.

  5. Al Fazio says:

    finally, some great news
    when can we start modifying our cutter fleet to add new heads; or will we all shower together?
    have we considered just getting rid of all separate berthing; and let gays, straights, men and women all sleep & shower together? that way, we can optimize our ships, and cut down the # of non-engineering / non mission critcal workspaces

  6. DK says:

    Has the issue of Article 125 of the UCMJ been addressed? Chances are if that if you are involved in a gay relationship that you will be violating this article.